Multidisciplinary Assessment

RunSafe provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and individualized service to runners of all levels. Ideal for novice runners as well as seasoned competitors, the RunSafe Assessment consists of analysis and counseling from a team of sports medicine experts in the areas of gait biomechanics, strength and flexibility, sports nutrition, and footwear analysis. A systematic approach is utilized to provide a comprehensive RunSafe Assessment.

The RunSafe Team provides expert running analysis using advanced biomechanics assessment. The RunSafe assessment provides tailored recommendations to improve performance and prevent injury through raw data, graphical representations, and written assessments

As a RunSafe client, you will receive personalized assessments of multiple components of your running and training patterns. From these assessment findings, recommendations will be given to you in the form of a personalized report. You will be participating with a group of up to four runners, providing a dynamic and interactive experience. The RunSafe assessment experience will last approximately 2 hours, and will consist of the following multidisciplinary stations: 






  • Debriefing and Recommendations


    Video Gait Analysis

    Running Gait Analysis


    Using computerized motion analysis software, a sports medicine specialist will evaluate your running biomechanics from multiple camera angles. Running patterns that can be improved will be identified. (Top)

    Strength & Flexibility Assessment


    An expert in physical therapy will evaluate your functional strength & flexibility using focused assessment techniques. A series of screening tests will be conducted to ensure a safe running future. (Top)

    Nutritional Analysis & Counseling


    A registered sports dietitian will discuss the components of your nutritional habits and will make personalized recommendations that support your athletic endeavors. You will learn how nutrition can optimize both your running performance and recovery.(Top)

    Foot Dynamics & Footwear Assessment


    An expert in foot analysis will analyze your foot shape, footwear, orthotics and walking gait. You will learn about your foot characteristics and which types of shoes will optimize your performance.(Top)

    Debriefing and Recommendations


    Your findings from each of the stations will be discussed with you, and recommendations will be provided to help improve your performance and prevent running injuries. You will receive a personalized online profile outlining these findings and recommendations, as well as a DVD with your running gait.(Top)

    Several RunSafe Centers are available in the Bay Area. The cost for an assessment is $349.00 per client MSRP.