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Since its start in 2008, RunSafe has been featured in multiple media outlets, including Runner's World Magazine, The San Francsico Chronicle, KQED Radio, and CBS San Francisco.  It has also garnered support from Ultramarathon Man, Dean Karnazes, who is known for having run 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states.



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"As a seven-time Ironman finisher, Jeff Block had been around the block, seeing no end of coaches, trainers, and physical therapists to improve his stride and solve a chronic hamstring problem. Then he attended UCSFs RunSafe assessment program, where...he was given a video analysis that immediately revealed the cause of his hamstring issue. He also saw a nutritionist, an orthotist, and another physical therapist. The tools they had to identify my problem were so impressive, says Block, who is beginning to run comfortably again…RunSafe is part of UCSF's new Human Performance Center testing lab, where anyone from ballerinas to golfers can get state-of-the-art exercise physiology, biomechanics, oxygen consumption, and lactate threshold testing."