Our Philosophy

EVERYONE is an athlete...at different stages of training. No matter if you are a beginner runner or an elite competitor, everyone can improve. This is one of the major attractions of running...being the BEST you can be.

Running is one of the best ways to gain health benefits when done properly. The concepts of training involve specialized periods that can affect performance, including training time, diet, and amount of rest. The training schedule is crucial to maximize time, and avoid injury or burnout.

Sports have inherent risk. Pushing one's body to reach new peaks is a dimension that makes sport challenging and rewarding. Sports injuries are MULTIFACTORIAL. Many different factors contribute to the development of an injury. Injuries and reinjuries will always happen, and they can unfortunately be costly for patients, families, and health insurance.

There is a need for a better approach to look at health and wellness. Currently, there is a gap in health care, where injury prevention and fitness related advice to improve overall health and wellness is unavailable. RunSafe has been developed by sports medicine professionals to help runners obtain advice on the BEST PRACTICES to help achieve their goals. Using the latest understanding of health, sports, technology, and social networking, RunSafe provides the system and tools to keep you running at your best.

Everyone is an INDIVIDUAL and needs to focus on different areas. Each person learns, trains, and improves differently. Knowledge alone is not enough to accomplish positive health goals. Motivation, practical feedback, and monitoring are necessary to improve compliance and results. RunSafe is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the runner's training, the interactions with their health team, and their Personalized Exercise Achievement Knowledge (PEAK).

Welcome to RunSafe! We look forward to joining your journey of sports wellness towards your BEST PEAK!