Work Shoes Slowing You Down?

Posted by Hanna Baker, CO on August 29, 2013

The Starting Line:  Are your work shoes an important key to injury-free training?   Many athletes spend hundreds of dollars per year on high-end running shoes, yet still suffer from footwear-related injuries. What many of those athletes don’t realize, is that the shoes they wear when they are not running may be causing some of those injuries. Whether a runner wears stilettos in meetings, or leather ...

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Barefoot Running Effects on Injuries

Posted by Toran MacLeod PT, PhD on January 14, 2013

The Starting Line:  Can running barefoot help prevent running injuries?   Traditional running shoes have cushioning that allows for the comfortable rearfoot strike pattern present in 80% of runners. This rearfoot strike is associated with an impact spike in the vertical ground reaction force, which creates high loading rates within the leg. Over time, these repetitive loading events may lead to injuries su...

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Minimal Shoes and Running Efficiency

Posted by Anthony Luke MD, MPH on September 25, 2012

The Starting Line: Do minimal shoes improve running efficiency?   There is a recent trend in the running community towards minimal shoes. Minimal shoes, including toe shoes such as FiveFingers, are made with lightweight material and have less cushion and arch support than older models of running shoes. There are many claims that minimal shoes offer advantages in terms of injury prevention and performance. Wear...

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